Sufism evokes considerable interest amongst people mainly because of the mysticism associated with it and also because not much is known about the secrets of their knowledge. Often, however, persons, who have symbolized Sufism to observing certain customs and rituals but who do not understand the true meaning of Sufism, mislead them. Sufism is not something, which could be explained theoretically; it could be understood only through participation and practice.

Although Sufism has been greatly influenced by Islam, yet to take all the Sufis as Muslim mystics would be too myopic a view to understand Sufism in its true sense. Sufism is indefinable; it is a way of life. Tasawwuf (Sufism) is neither a religion nor a philosophy; nor it is a ritual or mere learning.  If it was ritual, one could learn it by practice.  If it was mere learning, one could acquire it by studying. To be a true human being, free from all bondage and honest with the Almighty is being a Sufi. Hakim Jami, a great scholar and Naqshbandi Sufi has said: ‘Do not be proud of your intellect and learning, for in the Sufi way your intellect hampers your progress and learning is stupidity.’ But this has to be understood in the right perspective; the real learning for the seeker is from the book of the heart of the Sufi.

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